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Replacement Radomes

Radomes for Gabriel Antennas

Spherical RadomeReplacement antenna radomes are available from Gabriel for all current and legacy Gabriel antenna products. These radomes protect the antenna, feed and RF absorber found inside the shroud of High or Ultra High Performance antenna models. Two categories of radomes are available from Gabriel, they are conical radomes and planar radomes.

Conical Radomes

QuickFire™ Molded Radome
The conical or spherical radomes mate with standard parabolic antennas ranging from 2-ft (0.6) to 12-ft (3.7) diameters. These radomes are available in UV stabilized, thermoformed and fiberglass materials. The fiberglass models are also available in heavy duty and extra heavy duty models to meet your systems severe environmental conditions.

Planar Radomes in PTFE, PVDF and CSPE

Hypalon Planar RadomePlanar radomes are available in PVDF, CSPE (hypalon) and PTFE (teflon) fluorocarbon polymer coated flexible fabrics. These high tech fabrics are also UV Stabilized and are designed to shed water and ice from the planar surface. These radomes are available in 4-ft (1.2) to 15-ft (4.6) diameter sizes and feature years of trouble free operation.

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