Breaking News: mWAVE, Gabriel and Mark Grid are now part of the Alaris Holdings Group of Companies


Since 1943, Gabriel has been a leader in the development of microwave antennas and accessories for the point to point communications industry.

Thousands of Gabriel parabolic antennas serve millions of channel miles throughout the world in telephony, industrial, broadcast, cellular, public safety and government and military applications. Gabriel was organized primarily to aid the World War II defense effort in cooperation with Radiation Laboratories at MIT, Tufts University, Raytheon and other major firms in the Greater Boston area.

Prior to being acquired by mWave, Gabriel and Mark Antenna were manufactured by General Dynamics as part of the General Dynamics SATCOM division. In the late summer of 2015 the Gabriel and Mark antenna brands were purchased by mWAVE Industries LLC and moved to mWave’s Windham, Maine facility.

mWAVE Industries LLC, owner of the Gabriel Antenna line is a leading global provider of innovative custom and commercial microwave antenna solutions.

mWave brands include the industry leading Mark Grid, Gabriel and Quickfire lines of terrestrial microwave antenna which are recognized worldwide for their robust designs and reliability.

Established in 2004, mWAVE Industries, LLC, designs and manufactures standard and custom microwave antenna products for commercial and government applications spanning the scientific, defense, and academic communities. With the acquisition of the Gabriel and Mark antenna lines in 2015, mWAVE now offers one of the broadest lines of microwave antenna in the industry. mWave specializes in parabolic grids, solid parabolic and directional panel antenna as well as feeds including conscan and monopulse designs.

mWAVE’s additional product offerings consist of micro-strip arrays, panels, horns, helices, sectors, omnidirectional antennas and waveguide arrays. mWAVE maintains a fully equipped antenna test range that is used to verify new antenna designs and for production verification and third party testing for its customers.

The Gabriel antenna brand consists of an extensive product line of directional parabolic and flat panel antennas such as the Gabriel QuickFire™ product line. Thousands of Gabriel’s parabolic and horn reflector antennas serve millions of channel miles throughout the world in cellular, telephony, industrial, broadcast, government and military applications.

The Mark Grid Antenna brand is the recognized leader in the parabolic grid market serving the public safety, broadcast, utility, pipeline and other fixed microwave applications operating in frequency bands from 335 to 2700 MHz with antennas ranging in size from 3-ft (0.9) to15-ft (4.6) diameters.