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mWAVE Industries Acquires Gabriel Antenna

Published from mWAVE Industries’ Website

mWAVE Industries Acquires Assets of the Gabriel and Mark Antenna Brands

mWAVE Industries LLC, a leading provider of innovative custom and commercial microwave antenna solutions, is pleased to announce that it has acquired all of the assets and IP of the Gabriel and Mark microwave antenna brands, which includes parabolic grids, solid parabolic and directional panel antennas. These two leading terrestrial microwave antenna brands are recognized worldwide for their robust designs and reliability.

The merging of the Gabriel and Mark microwave antenna brands into the mWAVE portfolio offers global customers a one stop source for commercial and military antenna product lines, as well as access to the strength and knowledge of the mWAVE antenna design and customization engineering professionals. The mWAVE portfolio consists of horn, array, panel and parabolic (grid and solid) antennas and components such as feeds, passive components, microwave couplers, polarization rotators, filters, transitions and waveguide manifolds.

mWAVE is in the process of setting up Gabriel and Mark antenna, feed and spare part production at its Windham, ME facility and expects customer shipments to begin in Q4. The Gabriel and Mark Antenna brands were most recently manufactured by General Dynamics SATCOM in Newton, North Carolina.

The Gabriel antenna brand consists of an extensive product line of directional parabolic and flat panel antennas such as the Gabriel QuickFire™ product line. Thousands of Gabriel’s parabolic and horn reflector antennas serve millions of channel miles throughout the world in cellular, telephony, industrial, broadcast, government and military applications.

The Mark Grid Antenna brand is the recognized leader in the parabolic grid market serving the public safety, broadcast, utility, pipeline and other fixed microwave applications operating in frequency bands from 335 to 2700 MHz with antennas ranging in size from 3-ft (0.9) to15-ft (4.6) diameters.

“mWAVE is delighted to have these two brands added to our product portfolio and to bring Gabriel manufacturing back to Maine”, said Peter Farnum, CEO of mWAVE upon the completion of this recent acquisition. “mWAVE is currently moving the assets of these two brands from North Carolina to mWAVE’s Windham Maine facility. We expect to be in production and shipping the Gabriel and Mark products, including replacement parts and feed assembly upgrades by the end of the year”, stated Mr. Farnum.

“It is especially exciting to note that mWAVE was founded by ex-Gabriel employees Peter Farnum, Christopher Mosher and myself after Gabriel was sold and moved to North Carolina in 2003. Bringing the products, capabilities and manufacturing back to Maine is a great win for mWAVE and the State of Maine”, added Michael Cahill, Vice President of Business Development & Sales.

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